AdTech Probuild Marine Resin only


AdTech Probuild Epoxy System was originally formulated for fiberglass over wood construction.  But it is one of our most versatile resins.  Commonly used by our customers in fiberglass, carbon, and aramid laminates, its thixotropic properties make it ideal for complicated shapes.  It has very quick wet-out so don’t let the viscosity fool you! An easy 3:1 R:H mix ratio makes this system user-friendly with or without dispensing pumps.  Available with the following hardeners: SLOW(45 minutes), MEDIUM(35 minutes), FAST(20 minutes).

ProBuild Tech Data Sheet

A quart of resin needs a pint of hardener(kit net weight 2.88 lbs)

A gallon of resin needs a quart of hardener(kit net weight 9.6 lbs)

A 5-gallon pail of resin needs 2 gallons of hardener(kit net weight 60 lbs)

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