VInylEster YES 922

Hetron 922-L25 VinylEster


Hetron 922-L25 VinylEsterHetron 922-L25 VinylEsterAshland’s Hetron 922-L25 is an incredibly versatile resin.  It can be used for corrosion, FDA applications, SMC repairs, and even resin infusion.  It wets out glass very quickly and has low viscosity.  So if you need vinylester and you have a vertical surface, you might consider the Reichhold Hydrex 100 products.

Catalyze @ 1.5% – Get a pint for a pail, 4 oz. for a gallon, and 2 oz. for a quart.

Need Catalyst? Get it here.

Tech Data Sheet Hetron 922-L

Mix Chart for Polyester and Vinylester

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