Reichhold Hydrex 100 Vinyl Ester-Thixotropic


Reichhold Hydrex 100 Vinyl Ester-ThixotropicReichhold Hydrex 100 Vinyl Ester-ThixotropicReichhold’s Hydrex 100 is as close to epoxy that Vinylester can get, with its heat distortion temperature at 241°F.  This thixotropic resin is not only ideal for tooling, it is a wonderful marine resin with superior blister resistance.

Catalyze @ 1.5% – Get a pint for a pail, 4 oz. for a gallon, and 2 oz. for a quart.

Need Catalyst? Get it here.

Tech Data Sheet – Reichhold Hydrex100

Mix Chart for Polyester and Vinylester


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