Duratec Specialty Products IN STOCK from Hawkeye Industries

Duratec Surfacing Primer: Our most popular product designed for plug/pattern finishing as well as in-mold coating. Provides outstanding filling and leveling properties when applied to substrates such as fiberglass, metal, wood, foam. concrete and pressboard. Can be applied up to 50 mils wet on wet on wet. Sands easily and can be polished to a high gloss.

Gray: 707-002
Black: 702-003
White: 714-002

NEW! Quarts of 707-002: $25.00


Duratec EZ SAND Primer: Very easy sanding---saves time and effort. An exceptional primer for polishing or topcoating with Duratec Surfacing Primers and Hi-Gloss Coatings, lacquers and polyurethane paints.

Light Gray: 707-060
Black: 702-060

NEW! Quarts of 707-060: $25.00


Duratec Base Primer 707-051: This sprayable putty gives maximum wet film thickness for plug/pattern, and model fairing. It can be sprayed, brushed or rolled, acheiving 40-120 mils. It hides flaws and can typically reduce labor on a project.

One Gallon $54.61

NEW! Quarts of 707-051: $25.00


Duratec Vinyl Ester Primer: A barrier coat for above or below the waterline. Porosity-free, high build and easily sanded to repair osmosis and blister damage of composite surfaces. Also used extensively in hi-heat applications up to 400 degrees F.

White: 1794-005
Black: 1702-005

NEW! Quarts of 1794/1702-005: $36.00


Duratec Vinylester Fairing Primer (blue) 1799-051: This product is a very high build, hi temp, blister resistant primer. It is good for below the waterline which makes it a necessity for any marine repair shop.

One Gallon $67.34

NEW! Quarts of 1799-051: $30.00


Duratec Thinner 39LAC-1: Duratec Thinner enhances the flow and leveling properties of Duratec primers and hi-gloss coatings. The end result is reduced porosity and orange peel.

One Gallon

NEW! Quarts of 39LAQ-1: $19.50


Duratec 823 Crystal Clear Sealer: For surfacing composite plugs and patterns and for sealing woods and veneers, plaster, concrete, and GRP surfaces.

One Gallon
One Quart



Any Duratec product can be ordered from us in full case(4 gallon) quantity. Go to http://www.duratec1.com for application guidelines and msds.

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Duratec Clear High Gloss ADDITIVE 904-001: A polymer designed to blend with clear or pigmented gelcoats when used as a coating, such as in repair oversprays. When blended 1:1 with gelcoats, creates an air-cure, enamel-like coating.

One Gallon
One Quart


Duratec Vinylester Clear High Gloss TOPCOAT 1904-045: With a high heat distortion temperature of 300°F, it is easy to apply and sprays quickly. Unique additives reduce the risk of fisheyes and pinholes during the spray application. You'll get a hard, chemical-resistant finish. Perfect for topcoating cosmetic carbon parts.

One Gallon
One Quart

Duratec Polyester High Gloss Coating 904-040:For composite plugs and patterns and wood product surfaces. Used by boat manufacturers as well as manufacturers of aircraft interiors, architectural woodwork, automotive wood dashboards, furniture and musical instruments. Also used for gelcoat repair applications and for upgrading tooling gelcoats.

One Gallon
One Quart


Duratec Orange Vinylester Mold Repair Putty 1808-007: Repair your molds in short order. This putty will buff up to a high gloss and get you back into production. Also available untinted.

One Quart


Duratec STYROSAFE Laminating Resin:This resin processes just like regular polyester laminating resin, only it does not attack styrofoam, making it perfect for one-offs, prototypes and sculpture. Polyester and vinylester will bond to it
so you can finish your project with Duratec primers.

Five Gallon
One Gallon
One Quart


Duratec STYROSHEILD Primer 707-018:This primer processes very similarly to base primer, only it does not attack styrofoam, making it perfect for one-offs, prototypes and sculpture. It is a high build primer that eliminates labor for many projects

One Gallon

NEW! Quarts of 707-018: $25.00